Manuscript Editing

I offer editing services at a variety of levels, dependent on how thorough an editing job you desire and/or require.

Complete Package

If you are interested in working with me through the multiple stages editing, you may request a package edit. I will work with you through the first draft until you have a finished draft in hand and are ready for the next steps in the publishing process. This entails all the steps described below.


An assessment is intended primarily for a first draft. I will read your draft and provide you with a 5-10 page assessment. This evaluation will give an idea of strengths, weaknesses, plot holes, and specific areas in need of improvement. This assessment can be useful for getting started on your second draft or for determining if you would like additional editing services, the details of which are listed below.


Substantive, or developmental, editing is exactly what it sounds like. It is a substantial edit of your early-stage writing in order to help develop the story. This is the most in-depth level of editing I provide. With a substantive edit, you will receive commentary on what you have, suggestions on what you could add or delete, and encouragement on getting to the end!

Copy Editing – Light or Heavy

A heavy copy edit of your work is similar to the substantive edit but involves fewer suggestions. With a heavy copy edit, I will fact check what you already have, read for consistency, and offer minor suggestions for clean-up. This edit will provide suggested corrections to mistakes as I see fit.

A light copy edit of your work involves fact checking the existing material and reading for consistency but I will offer fewer suggestions and simply mark where I notice a need for more or less detail, clean-up of grammar, or areas of inconsistency. This edit allows you to see my notes but gives you the onus of coming up with the solutions.


A proofread is my most basic level of service. I will read for grammar, mechanical wording, and point out inconsistencies as I notice them. A proofread is recommended only if you have already finished you work and had it edited at least once.

Query and Submission Letters

Once the editing process is complete and you are ready to submit your manuscript, I can offer assistance with the submission process, from finding publishers and/or writing query letters to finding and meeting submission guidelines.