Script Coverage (Film & Television)

As a script reader for a Los Angeles-based production company for over three years, I gained a great deal of experience reading and working with film scripts. In addition to that work experience, I graduated with a minor in screenwriting to supplement my Creative Writing degree.

Formatting Services

Many software programs and applications exist to help screenwriters with industry-standard formatting. But the rules can be tricky and getting everything right the first time is nearly impossible. This service offers a review of formatting to ensure that your script looks polished and meets industry standards.

Simple Read-Through/Scorecard

With the simple read-through, you will receive general notes and suggestions for improvement as well as a review of your formatting. This can be provided in the form of a scorecard accompanied by simple notes or in the form of narrative coverage comments.

Thorough Read-Through

With this service, I will offer detailed development notes on your finished script, suggestions to punch up your dialog, character building assistance, and a review of your formatting.

Consultant Script Reader Services

I worked as a script reader for a Los Angeles-based production company for three years and currently provide coverage services for a notable online screenwriting competition. I am qualified to provide complete coverage of scripts: synopses on scripts as well as suggestions for improvement and whether the project is worth the time (and money!) of a production company.