What services does Manuscriptable offer?

Manuscriptable offers myriad editing services for a variety of content, from novel manuscripts, to poetry collections, to deposition transcripts, to film scripts! Visit the Services page for more details.

How do I know if I need an editor?

Every writer will eventually need an editor! Case in point, as I wrote the previous sentence, I mistyped “editor”! Had I not noticed, there would have been a glaring error on my own editing website! All writers can benefit from a second pair of eyes (and a third and fourth), not simply for spelling mistakes, but to correct grammar, ensure that the plot makes sense, verify that the spelling of your main character’s name stays consistent, and so much more! No piece of writing is perfect from the beginning and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Why should I choose Manuscriptable?

Because I rock! In all seriousness, I care deeply about the written word. Not only do I have the background and experience to be your editor, I have been a reader and aspiring writer for my whole life. Nothing excites me like a good book does…and nothing pains me like a typo or a convoluted paragraph in something I’m reading! I put my best foot forward (best eye?) when I’m editing. It gives me great pleasure to help a writer accomplish what they wish to convey through the written word.

How can I get in contact with you?

You can contact me using Manuscriptable’s Contact form. Do not hesitate to include any questions or concerns in the Message field of the form.

What are Manuscriptable’s rates?

Rates are determined based on the type and level of editing required. I will discuss rates with each client once a preliminary discussion of the expected work has been completed. See the Rates page for more detail.


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