What is Adaptation? ad·ap·ta·tion ˌadapˈtāSH(ə)n/ noun The action or process of adapting or being adapted. The action of changing or relaying source material from one medium to another (most often some form of art). Literary adaptation, in particular, is the adaptation of a literary source (written material such as a […]

Define It: Adaptations

There’s this notion today, especially popular among my fellow Millennial generation, called work-life balance; this idea that work shouldn’t run our lives. We’re not meant to be trapped behind desks all the time. And for some reason, this notion seems to be a difficult one to accept for the older […]

5 Tips for Busy Writers: When Work Gets in the ...

I have been reading A LOT lately. And I don’t mean to imply that it’s a bad thing. In fact, before this recent reading jaunt, I felt that I wasn’t reading enough (this is a common back and forth we readers and writers experience, I think. We’re either reading too […]

A Writer’s Gotta Read

There are a lot of ways and reasons to read. And I’m not just talking about books. I spend half my days reading material on the internet, be it blogs, articles or e-books. Reading is reading wherever and for whatever reason you do it. But can you do it too […]

Confessions: Reading Overload

I’ll be the first to admit that spell check is a fantastic feature of text document programs. When I’m reviewing a document for typos and misspelled words, it’s the first thing I do because it means less skimming through thousands of words for my poor eyeballs. Spell check is also great […]

Beware of Spell Check!