“Kelsey completed two substantive developmental edits on my novel.  As an editor, she has a clear vision and is direct in giving specific feedback with a kind and gentle approach. Her ideas and questions always took me deeper and resulted in better work, including the restructuring of the all-important Chapter One. She gave me valuable advice on developing narrative voice, character motivations, and emotions to create greater empathy and reader connection. She helped build suspense and strengthen plot twists. Her phrase suggestions forced me to think about what I was really trying to say and what I wanted readers to experience. And her notes were filled with nuggets for layering, tightening, and polishing the work. Most importantly, Kelsey believed in me and in my book, helping me to write the best story I could write. I strongly recommend that any writer starting out with a new idea or with a first draft seek out Kelsey’s editing expertise for a developmental edit. She is a rich resource to us all.”
-Jean Wolfersteig, The Room Where the Elephants Go to Die (forthcoming)
“Kelsey was under my charge as the Editorial and Production Manager at WND Books. While at WND Books Kelsey grew in her understanding of book pushing and the editorial process. She reviewed twenty-plus manuscripts a year to make sure the corrections were made and the various parts of the books were added. She was able to handle well many tasks at once from proofreading press releases to reviewing manuscripts to ordering print runs. She is an eager and capable employee and was a vital asset to the WND Books team.”
-Geoffrey Stone, Editorial Director, WNDBooks
“Kelsey worked with On Tap as both an intern and managing editor. During her time with our company, her self-initiative and willingness to embrace  new challenges helped her make the transition from a summer internship position to a full time role with broad responsibility managing the production of our magazine. During her time with us I found her to be honest and trustworthy, and she willingly took on a range of tasks. She proved a quick learner and was able to oversee the efforts of several interns.”
-Jennifer Currie, Publisher, On Tap Magazine
“Kelsey turned in all writing and editing before deadlines. It was her attention to detail that propelled her through the editing ranks at our magazine and created some of the best issues we have ever released. She picked up on our business methods quickly and followed our publisher’s directions when asked. Yet, when our publisher was not available she made key decisions to ensure that things were done…correctly.
She was charismatic and that carried over into client interaction. All interviews were [conducted] with professionalism and all contact with companies left them giving good reviews of both the company and her. While she was one of the leaders of the production team, she retained her knack to be well-liked by all employees, businesses, and clients. It is these…reasons that lead me to recommend her to any[one] that is lucky to have come in contact with such a keen individual.”
-Claudia Biller, Operations Manager, On Tap Magazine
“Working with Kelsey as a staff reporter at On Tap magazine was a pleasure. Kelsey always made expectations and deadlines clear, offered compelling story suggestions, and worked closely with publicists and artists in a professional and friendly manner. Kelsey really goes above and beyond when it comes to mentoring/developing writers and ensuring the timely delivery of quality work. She would make an invaluable edition to any news room!”
-Lauren Hall, staff reporter for On Tap Magazine