WND Books (Trade Non-Fiction)

Who Killed the American Family? by Phyllis Schlafly
Surviving the Medical Meltdown by Dr. Lee Hieb
Final Warning by Carl Gallups
When A Jew Rules the World by Joel Richardson
Crimes of the Educators by Samuel Blumenfeld and Alex Newman
Takedown by Paul Kengor, PhD.
Liberty’s Secrets by Joshua Charles
Shmexperts by Marc E. Fitch
The Antidote by Jesse Lee Peterson


The Room Where The Elephants Go To Die  by Jean Wolfersteig
The Little Companions by Erik Nerrie

Transcription Proofreading/Quality Assurance

Montgomery County Court
United States Marshals Service


On Tap Magazine (on staff July 2011 – January 2013, freelance writer February 2013 – October 2014)

Literary Magazine

Los Angeles Miscellany (2011)
Los Angeles Miscellany (2010)

Note: This is but a sampling of projects I have worked on. This in no way encompasses everything I have ever edited nor do the items listed imply that I was the only editor on every project. A complete, polished piece of writing, especially of manuscript length, often necessitates a team of editors.

Style Experience:
CMS, MLA, AP, and APA; various house styles as designated by employers and clients

Software & Programs: Microsoft Office Suite; Microsoft Word Track Changes; Adobe Acrobat Pro; Adobe Creative Suite; PDF Editing Tools; Adobe Connect; Google Apps for Business; WordPress; Celtx, Trelby, Final Draft; ExpressScribe