Manuscriptable is a professional editorial services site dedicated to the written word. Manuscriptable is the passion project of Kelsey Whited.

For writers wishing to produce content they can be proud of, veterans who want to foster a relationship with a dedicated editor, and first-time authors who want to hone their craft, Manuscriptable is a writer’s new best friend while he or she works to achieve publishing goals.

You can learn more about Kelsey by reading the Manuscriptable blog in which she will wax poetic and otherwise on the wonders of reading, the written word, and anything that might pop into her head.

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Specialties & Areas of Interest

Fiction (esp. contemporary, YA, suspense)
Entertainment (movies, TV, music)
Television & Film (original and spec scripts)
Historical Fiction
Politics & Current Events
Transcripts (depositions, court hearings, conferences, etc.)